Error while running "Sales Order" page in browser.

Neha_MarwahaNeha_Marwaha Member Posts: 31
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I am transforming the sales order in page. It successfully transformed but,
I am getting the following error while running url:
http://localhost:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/CR ... ales_Order

- <s:Envelope xmlns:s=""&gt;
- <s:Body>
- <s:Fault>
<faultcode xmlns:a="urn:microsoft-dynamics-schemas/error">a:System.ArgumentNullException</faultcode>
<faultstring xml:lang="en-US">Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key</faultstring>
- <detail>
<string xmlns="">Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key</string>

Sales Order Subform is running successfully by running url:
http://localhost:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/CR ... Order_Line

Kindly help me in resolving the error.

Neha Marwaha
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