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MukkerMukker Member Posts: 10
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Hi all

Is it possible to print to PDF from Navision ? (ex. using EDocPrinter)
If someone has tried this, please write a description (in headlines).



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    DaveTDaveT Member Posts: 1,039
    Hi Mukker,

    Have a look at the following post - It's should be all you need

    Dave Treanor

    Dynamics Nav Add-ons
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    MukkerMukker Member Posts: 10
    DaveT: I have tried Rasheds solution in one of the Windows versions (MBS 5.0). Remember the DOS version Navi3.xx is a DOS version. Therefore this Old School Navision is using its own printers. T

    Savatage: Do you mean DOSPRN ? Is it possible to create PDFs with pictures (this is mainly for Invoice+Creditnote). Have you tried this yourself in the 3.5x ?

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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    I Don't use the dos version - in fact never seen it, but that site would be the things I would try first.
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    epernstepernst Member Posts: 20
    Actually there exists a program:

    This would make it possible if that Navi 3.56 runs in a Windows simulation.
    Best regards,
    Erik P. Ernst - Microsoft MVP - Dynamics NAV
    Dynamics User Group
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    MukkerMukker Member Posts: 10
    Of course, I forgot to write an update.
    I have made it work. Using http://www.printfil.com. The program (printfil) installs a small program, that is "sniffing" in a specific folder for a specefic file.
    In Navision, simply, print to a file (using the above mentioned folder/filename). Then the printfilprogram is attached to a windowsprinter, in my case a PDFprinter, and ta-da. The output from Navision has become a PDF file. I am using PDFPrinter, which can attach the PDF file to a email.

    So, first of all, thanks for every inputs.
    Second of all, I wish, I had discovered this cool featura 10-15 years ago :lol:

    Epernst-> I have not tried the program you are reffering to, but it looks a lot like the one I have tried.

    Regards and thanks
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    malihamaliha Member Posts: 3
    Where could I get any version of Navision DOS? it's very interesting software.
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    rthswrthsw Member Posts: 73
    So just for everyone who is interested:
    You can expand the DOS Navision so it can write a PDF and handle it with further commands. I installed just last year (yes! i still love the DOS Navision and do still customizing on it!) a solution which is writing a PDF and send it with Tobit David Mail. Only the missing @ is a problem so you need to switch the rene_thoene#mailsystem.de by hand to rene_thoene@mailsystem.de.

    But if you want to send a lot of documents from navision via mail there is also a solution available which will automatically convert and send mails from a dos navision client to a free receiver (naturally also with a free defined sender), for example to send the invoices every night to the customers. Yes, Dos Navision can also do scheduled tasks, for example write a file with item information for the web shop every night, read every hour the incoming orders from the web shop, build every night the collected invoices and print it ....

    If you need support on DOS -Navision you can contact me :-)
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