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Hello, I would like to export the User Menu Level table beacuse we are in the middle of upgrading our system and i would like to have these settings imported into our live database from our test database. So I've been trying to export the fields from the User Menu Level table through a dataport that I've setup. But I'm running into a problem. Within my dataport I have all the fields selected under Dataport Fields from the table, but everytime I compile the changes I run into the following error: "The DataType BLOB is not valid for the SourceExpr" since the "Oject field" from User Menu Level is a Blob datatype (*) it wont allow me to export this. I can export all the other fields without problems. I read the other posts but i'm not an expert at this and stilll having troubles. if anyone could please help me out id appreciate it!
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    You need to export (and then import) the blob manually while exporting (importing) the table.
    So each time you export a record, you need to create a unique filename in which you export the blob. The name of the file you need to save in the dataport.

    When you import, each record you read you have to import the file back into your blob.
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