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SumitSumit Member Posts: 58
edited 2009-08-08 in NAV Three Tier

With user Licence in Nav 2009 classic with SQL, when I am trying to put value in (C') form no. field in Invoicing Tab of Posted Sales Invoice, I 'm getting an error " You do not have permission to modify Sales Invoice Header Table" .

Where as in 4.0 SP3 with same licence this functionality is working fine. Please guide.
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    rlhuzurirlhuzuri Member Posts: 3
    On the Posted Sales Invoice Form, the property Permission should be the value
    TableData Sales Invoice Header=m
    Rajib Lochan Huzuri
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    I don't know the field you're talking about - but usually the Posted Sales Invoice is not editable by a customer license. Perhaps that field is I don't know.

    Could have it been a mod in your ver 4 but not implimented in your 2009 upgrade?

    Just guessing.
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    SumitSumit Member Posts: 58
    Thanks Rajib, Thanks Harry !
    It is solved now.
    It is an Indian localization field, so Harry could not have find this.
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