new trace flag 4119 for sql 2008

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When I do sql 2005 installation, in addition to T4616 trace flag, I set trace flag T4119

This is mentioned in the link below. ... 5-sp2.aspx

Is this needed in sql 2008?



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    Well, even in SQL 2005 the Trace-Flag 4119 was an optional thing. As explained in the NAV SE Team BLOG, this changes the "weight" of the operators "LIKE" and ">" ("<") - on the same filed - when compiling a Query Execution Plan (QEP); as this was changed in SQL 2005 and could cause degraded performance (compared to SQL 2000) - but only in very specific circumstances.

    My humble opinion s this: actually you don't need this TF anyway, as the "problem" might occur very seldom. If you were encountering the described problem in 2005, well, then you might encounter the same thing in 2008, thus you might need 4119 ...

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