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manas123manas123 Member Posts: 33
I would like to know as how to handle Clearing & forwarding agent bill- Service tax.

The agent provides bill as follows:
AGencey charges 10000
Transport chg 20000
Other chg 1000
Total 31000
No service tax is charged in the bill

Service tax is applicable on only Transport charges as GTA and if I declare it a GTA vendor then it does not allow to post agency chg and other chg without System calculates Service tax as GTA on entire amount. But i need to calculate only on 20000. I have tried to enter these two line viz 1000 and 10000 without service tax but it does not allow to post. May be because of GTA option selected?

Pls help to resolve




  • ssinglassingla Member Posts: 2,973
    There is no problem in posting multiple lines in a GTA invoice with some lines having Service Tax Group code and some do not.
    You must be doing wrong else where . What is the error message ??
    CA Sandeep Singla
  • OrunOrun Member Posts: 13
    I have also faced problem on posting purchase Invoice on following scenario:-
    Scenario 1. Out of 3 PO line two has Service Tax Group Code, i.e. two line with Type G/L Account on which Service Tax is applicable
    Scenario 2. PO has two PO line with different Service Tax Group Code

    Both scenario has reverse charge mechanism.

    In both the scenario System throwing error message "You have to mention same service tax type".

    If any one has solution, please provide that or else guide. Thanks in advance.
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