Setting up NAV 2009 Production Database

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I am facing a challenge in setting up NAV 2009 in the production
environment. Would appreciate any help.

I have installed the following components in a single machine:
1) NAV Server
2) SQL Server 2005
3) SQL Server Option
3) RoleTailored Client
4) Classic Client for SQL Server

I have also installed the CRONUS demo database and all the above components
are working fine with the demo database.

Now, I want to create a production database in the same machine and activate
a production license in the database, where I am unsuccessful. After
creating the production database and uploading the production license to the
database, I find that no objects (Forms, Pages, MenuSuites, etc) are created
except for some tables. (I checked this in the Object Designer as well as in
the SQL Server Management Studio.)

Can somebody throw some insight as to where I am going wrong?

Thanks in advance.



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    bfisher11bfisher11 Member Posts: 7
    When you create a new database it will not contain any of the objects, it is just creating the SQL database and objects it needs to run the database. You can restore the demo backup which is included in the install to your production database and then delete the companies. Or leave a base Cronus company so you can copy setups to your production company.

    Thank you,
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    epdepd Member Posts: 8
    Thanks Brent. YMMD.

    Looks like, this info is not explicitly mentioned in the Installation documentation, though it ought to be the straight-forward approach for creating a production database.

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