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Dear All,

is there a simple way to define a Roles & Permission. Is there a predefined roles & permission can we use other than the standard.

Please advise.
Ahmad Bani Naser
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    is there a simple way to define a Roles & Permission
    Simple way means ?????

    If something is predefined then it is only standard (obvious, isn't it).
    Kapil Khanna
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    to me, simple way means:

    if i am using RTC, and define that Susie Q is a Customer Service Representative, can i just grab a permission role that is prebuilt to give Susie Q all the permissions she would need to properly use that Role in the RTC?

    I asked this question at convergence during a demo of the Role Tailored Client. they showed adding people to Roles and changing it up, without even once discussing the permissions. The answer was "... no, the RTC has nothing to do with Permissions. You would still have to assign and define permission roles as necessary." so, i guess their demo assumed everyone was a super user? :)

    i still find permissions to be the single most difficult thing to properly manage in our Navision.
    kind of fell into this...
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    The roles for the Role Tailored Client are seperate from the permissions system in NAV. There are, however, permission sets which correspond to the roles. If you are using CTP2, you can search the help for 'How to: Import RoleTailored roles'.

    On 2009, you don't have this help topic as far as I can see. But the demo installer has still given you the files you need, so I'll give you an overview. The files are found in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic\Company Settings\ - you should find two files here: UserRoles.xml and UserRolePermissions.xml.

    To import the roles use the Data Migration form found in C/SIDE at Administration->Application Setup->Company Setup->Data Migration. In the tableID column enter 2000000004, then tab to the next field. Now press the Migration button and click migration fields. In the form that opens select both the fields: RoleID and Name. Close the form. Now press the functions button, and select import from xml, import the UserRoles.xml file. Finally, click the migration buttonm then click Apply Migration Data.

    You can follow a similar process for the role permissions using table 2000000005 and the UserRolePermissions.xml file.

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