Preview without request page.. is it possbile???

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Hi Everybody! just a question! [-o<
Is there a way to start a report in RTC directly in preview mode??

I have a dashboard report, it doesn't require any filters or other parameters and obiouvsly in the preview control bar there are buttons for print and export so it wil be very useful starting the report skipping the request page, is it possible?

Many thanks



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    ceccomilceccomil Member Posts: 25
    The totally absence of any answer... let me think that's impossible! #-o
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    AtreiuAtreiu Member Posts: 51
    it whould be a great idea, if possible...
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    TroelshTroelsh Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 79
    Sorry, there's not support for launching the report directly in previewer.
    If you use REPORT.RUN(Number [, ReqWindow] [, SystemPrinter] [, Record])
    You can avoid the requestpage; but only for directing the print directly to the printer.
    The "printer" could be e.g. OneNote ...

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