XMLPort and Fixed Length Format

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I have not been able to get a fixed format XML port to compile/work. I am hung up on the concept especially for fixed format.

It indicates that you must use a text source type if you have chosen fixed or variable format. So, conceptually how do you go about linking the fields in the XMLport to the data in a particular table?

Do you need to declare your own record var's (ie Check Ledger Table) set any filters via code and loop through your dataset using code then set the values for the text variables defined in the "layout" of the XML Port as you loop through each record?

That seems like a long way to go when the dataport worked so wonderfully.


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    mgiffordmgifford Member Posts: 44
    Never mind - needed to run from RTC - (found previous post - thanks Kine!) and needed to create Text element then use table and fields below that, i was trying to start with Table.
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