How to Extract an XML File??

CerroMaggioreBoyCerroMaggioreBoy Member Posts: 6
Good Evening.

this is my problem : using 6xxx codeunit (XML) i have to create some XML FIles from a new 5xxxx codeunit. How can i Do (for example to extract 2 or more customers??) Is there anyone that can help me!!!

thank you much



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    OliverTOliverT Member Posts: 37
    i coded it by myself :roll:

    have you already searched in the forum for 'create xml' or 'write xml'?
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Take a look at the 'XML Document' codeunits, yuo should find all sorts of handy little tips for this. Basically, you need to create an XMLDOM object, fill it with the right nodes and use the Save method to create the actual document.
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