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I have 2 questions.

1) Approximately how many users can access the NAV 2009 database at a time?
2) Is it possible to integrate the Dot net technology with NAV 2009??
ex: If NAV 2009 Database resides in SQL server 2005, is it possible to access the database using .Net technology??? The access should be in such a way that whatever data entered through .NET form, should get stored in SQL server database.

Looking forward for your valuable suggestions.


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    1) It depends from hardware and how the software is developed and "performance improved", also the network speed has an high impact...i don't know what is the maximum (if there is a precise number)
    2) A SQL database is a SQL database...if you know how to write into it, you can do it.
    anyway, nav2009 is shipped with webservice integration (nav objects are .cs objects, too) for pages and codeunits objects: you should use these webservice in order to simplify the integration and FOLLOW THE EXACT BUSINESS LOGIC OF NAV.

    P.S.: my post is only an input, you can find more informations in official documentation and web.
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