Create record widout using No. Series through Web Services

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Hello everybody,

I tried to create a record for comment line without using no. series, I was assigning the primary key value to the object and calling the create method of webservice as follows:

comment_obj.No = "request no"
comment_obj.Document_Type = "Invoice"
comment_obj.Document_Line_No = "document line no."
comment_serv.Create(ref comment_obj)

There are four fields as primary key.
1. Document No
2. Document Type
3. Document Line No
4. Line No.

As i have kept autosplit key of the comment line page true the Line No will be incremented by itself.
I am only assigning the other three key value to the object.
This task is like creating comment line or remarks of individual Sales Line.
The record is created but not by the primary key value which i am assigning, but by its default value.

This thing is not working. Can Anyone please tell what can i do to achieve my goal.

Thanks & Regards
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