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lilianatavareslilianatavares Member Posts: 39

I need to do a report that shows the lines of the table Job Budget Line for a Job contained by phases and at the end of each phase she wanted to see the lines of the table Job Ledger Entry of the same Job that are not associated to the budget (field Related to Budget=False). The model of data that I am to use is:
>> Job Budget Line
>> Job Ledger Entry

It will be that this model is correct. And which the sections to use to see the lines in the way that I want.



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    afarrafarr Member Posts: 287
    This seems roughly right. I guess you want to group Job Budget Line by Phase Code i.e. view the Properties, and put

    GroupTotalFields --> Phase Code


    DataItemLinkReference --> Job
    DataItemLink --> Job No.=FIELD(No.)

    In JobLedgerEntry data item you can set

    DataItemTableView --> Related to Budget=CONST(No)

    The simplest thing to do is probably to use the JobBudgetLine and JobLedgerEntry sections to print your information.

    Alastair Farrugia
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