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In pricesheet for NAV 2009, there is Dynamics NAV Server a la carte gradule, which includes Role Tailored Client.
Without purchasing, Dynamics NAV Server gradule, can't user use Role Tailored Client user interface?
In the case, user can use only Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic with Microsoft SQL Server?
I am really new to NAV and so I really appreciate any information related these gradules.
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  • asramaboyasramaboy Member Posts: 18

    If not mistaken, Role Tailored Client can only run with SQL Database option.

    Dynamics NAV Server is a Server to run native database, which connect by using classic client in Nav 2009.

    If you only using classic client (SQL option) with SQL Database, you can ignore "Dynamics Nav Server" but make sure you got:

    1) 2010 Server - Microsoft SQL Server Option

    You can get more information from Microsoft.
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    Thank you for your information.

    So if I run NAV 2009 on MS SQL database, I do not need to purchase Dynamics NAV Server, and can run Role Tailored Client on MS SQL databaese with SQL database option, which is included in foundation back (either AM or BE).
    Am I right?

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    I am sorry, I have not price list with me now. I don't know whether any special granule for RTC requested.
  • asramaboyasramaboy Member Posts: 18
    sorry taka,

    I needs to correct the information, Dynamics Nav Server is not the "Native Server".

    If you wish to run RTC, then you needs to purchase it, it is not included in AM or BE. It is new in price list.

    Sorry for wrong information. :oops:
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