Cannot open e-mail from interactions

cVGhostcVGhost Member Posts: 2
I have recently set up e-mail logging with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0SP1, the scenario is as follows:
S01 - Terminal server with client access
S02 - Application server w/o client acces running SQL, NAS etc.

S02 correctly processes and logs all emails, and then I can display them (throught Contact card, Interaction Log Entries -> Show), otlook pops up and it works

on S01 - i can see the list of logged emails .. but when i try to display them .. the error "Call to member DisplayMail failed. NSAppHandler returned the following message: ActiveX component cannot create object" ..

I have outlook set up and configured, NSAppHandler is registered, i even re-compiled the table 5062 (attachment) that displays the mail with no errors. Any idea please ?


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    jgudmundssonjgudmundsson Member Posts: 13
    You have to troubleshoot it with respect to the terminal server. The terminal server installation is missing an active x component the Navision uses to display the e-mail, which is normally installed during a normal installation.

    The e-mail is not physically stored within Navision. Instead Navision, only stores the GUID to the e-mail in the exchange database. When you hit show, it fires up the active x with the parameter of the GUID which opens up the mail through outlook.

    Wish I could tell you excatly the installation procedure for the ts, but hope it points you in the right direction.
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    mgmmgm Member Posts: 126
    Any solution?
    We might have the same here.
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