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Kind of lame, but here it is. I've been stumped all day. Can't wait til I get this converted to SQL version, but thought I'd wait until 4.0 for that. (Fixed by then?) In the meantime...I am setting up a portal with ColdFusion. Yeah Yeah....

Using access, I'm able to update a custom field (bool) but can't find the correct syntax for ColdFusion.
Access Syntax (works fine)
UPDATE [Return Line]
SET [Return Line].IntHere = -1
WHERE ((([Return Line].[Document No_])="RA14792") AND (([Return Line].[Line No_])=10000));

CF gets lexical errors if I use the [], so I escaped the spaces with quotes.
Here's the CF version:
<cfquery name="q_arrived" datasource="NAVI37">
UPDATE "Return Line"
SET IntHere = -1
WHERE "Document No_" = 'RA14792' AND "Line No_" = 10000
Seems to run all the way to the end, but then I get "driver does not support this function" I'm not Read Only, and Updates are allowed.

However, the CF Select query below works just fine.
<cfquery name="q_check" datasource="Navi37">
SELECT "Return Line"."Document No_", "Return Line"."Line No_", "Return Line".No_
FROM "Return Line"
WHERE "Return Line"."Document No_" = 'RA14792' AND "Return Line"."Line No_" = 10000</cfquery>

Sure hope someone can help. I've already got WAY too much time messing with this C/ODBC issue. All Day, in fact.
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