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I use database engine tuning advisor for my query and the tool recommend me to apply some indexes and statistic.
the tools said if I apply the thing it will improvent my performance for 99%.

my questions is, if i apply database engine tuning adviosr.from navision side,is there any impact if I apply their recommendation?

because I've a lot of slow query. I afraid that if i apply the same thing from database engine tuning advisor, it will affect my navision side.

I use navision 4.0 SP3.

if you know about this thing,please answer.

thank you so much.


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    Well, IMHO the Tuning Advisor has to be handled with care, I think most of its proposals are somewhat critical ...

    As NAV queries a SELECT * the TA tends to suggest indexes which contain few INDEX fields, but INCLUDES all other fields of the table. This virtually means to copy the table in a different sorting; and your table might grow dramatically. Finally you improve Read-Performance, but Write-Performance might be degraded ...
    So you have to know wich indexes to add, and which better not. Additionally, the SQL site is just one part of the problem, you also need to check/optimize the application & code, too.

    Please search MIBUSO for "SQL Performance" and you will get tons of advices & recommendations about how to improve performance!

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    Thank you for your answer.
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