Filter on form Item availabiltiy by Location

RoelofRoelof Member Posts: 377

I want to filter in the Item Availibility by Location form for only the locations which has actully inventory (forms 492,515), so don't display all the one without inventory. How can I achieve that?

Roelof de Jong.
Roelof de Jonghttp://www.wye.com


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    naveenjainnaveenjain Member Posts: 7
    You can create two new fields in the Location table.

    1) 50000 Item Filter Code20
    [Field Class = Flow Filter]

    2) 50001 QOH Decimal
    [Field Class - Flow Field]
    [Flow Field = Sum("Item Ledger Entry".Quantity WHERE (Item No.=FIELD(Item Filter),Location Code=FIELD(Code)))
    [Editable = No]

    No when you run the form 515, you can do

    1) Put the filter on the form for
    QOH <> 0
    2) Location.SETFILTER("Item Filter",Item."No.");

    Hope this will workout for you. :o

    Naveen Jain
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    RoelofRoelof Member Posts: 377
    Thanks Naveen, that worked!
    Roelof de Jonghttp://www.wye.com
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