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I have my consolidation set up in 2009, and am trying to get data from a company which is on 4.0. When i do functions>test file the xml consolidation file, i get an error in the report 'Imported checksum does not equal calculated checksum - the file may be corrupt'. I tried it a couple of times on different days, and the error remains. Does it have to do something with difference in versions?
Any workarounds?

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    b2amolb2amol Member Posts: 64
    Here is part of code that calculates checksum (CU 432). Does it mean that consolidation cannot be done for companies across versions? Why would they put such a constraint?

    CheckSum :=
    DateToDecimal(StartingDate) + DateToDecimal(EndingDate) +
    TextToDecimal(FormatVersion) + TextToDecimal(ProductVersion);


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    pooja_shahpooja_shah Member Posts: 1
    Hello Amol,

    I realise this thread was posted in 2009 but did you find how to resolve this error message?

    thank you.
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