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I have report selections set on the Job Card in manufacturing. I have two reports being used, 1 - 14004537(Prod. Order - Routing List) 2 - 14004528(Prod. Order - Shortage List-MR), these work fine when using the classic client. However, when I run them in the RTC, the filters are not being passed because of SQL reporting. Does anyone have a way around this? It is critical to my client to be able to run both reports using RTC seamlessly.



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    Hi There

    Wen you say the Filters arn't being passed can you give some more details?

    Have you check the report design to make sure it has the correct Request Page set-up etc?

    The ID numbers of those reports look to be in an authorised add-on range have you tried contacting the company that supplys it to see if they have a fix?



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    Sorry for the delayed response I have been out of town then out of the office. I will check with the add-on supplier.

    Hack :oops:
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