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i want to know what to do to activate the insert on tables 5805 (item charge assignment Purchase) and 5809 (item charge assignment Sales). This tables should have records inserted when i assign a charge to a sales/purchase line, using Form 5814. In this form if i zoom (Ctrl-F8) i can see all the data that should be inserted on the tables 5805/5809. But nothing is inserted there when i post the sales/purchase document.
Can you please help me to activate the insert/update on this tables?!



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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    What do you mean with "activate the insert/update"?

    This table is used when you assign charge on sales (purchase) document. When you post this doc, these lines are used to post charge and are deleted. Not inserted or modified (I don't look into code but I assume this).
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