Pages Web Services can be used in Classic Client?

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Experts, could you please advise could the "Pages Web Services" be applied in Nav 2009 "Classic Client" like RTC?


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    WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    What do you mean?
    You don't have to use the RTC to be using Web Services, if that is what you mean ... . But you do have to set up the infrastructure (the Service tier), if you know what I mean... .

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    derrickderrick Member Posts: 86
    Waldo, thanks for your reply.

    Initially, I knew that "Web Services" - CU801 (Type: CodeUnit), can be used in the Classic Client, but not too sure about whether the different handling of web services such as Page-based web services (Type: Page) can be applied in the Classic Client. I found out the answer now, yes, page-based web services can also be used in the Classic Client.

    Okay, the "Page" object is a new idea in Nav2009, do you have materials of it, such as guidelines, how to make a new one, how to configure the existing one, and etc? Or, where can I grab them?

    Thanks in advance.
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