how to delete a virtual table record from sql server

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hi all,

i write a code for deleting a virtual table record as shown below.

delete from [Sample DB].[dbo].Session
where [Sample DB].[dbo].Session.[User ID] ='xxxx'

it shows an error like
"View or function 'Sample DB.dbo.Session' is not updatable because the modification affects multiple base tables."

is it possible to delete virtual table records from sql server .suggest me.



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    The NAV "Session" table is actually a Linked Object refferring to a SQL site "View" which is based on sysprocesses and other system-tables. HEnce, you cannot delete a record from there.

    I guess the idea is to logoff a User with this automatically by some piece of TSQL code.
    To accomplish this, you should look into using the KILL command (SQL) ...
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    To "delete" a session u can do this from NAV with filtering the session and delete it then or, and this ist the other way, u use, like Stryk saied, the KILL command.

    Read the online Help for the kill command.

    Do you make it right, it works too!
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