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I have a problem with my RTC reports. It Seems that dynamic calculation is not possible. When I in a "pre section" defines a counter to be printed (e.g. a line counter) this counter is not updated in my RTC report. It is static and the initial value is printed on all pages without being increased.

It works fine when run as classic.

Are there some issues on dynamic calculations in RTC report. What is the problem (e.g. limitations in the pre section). Are there some workarounds ? Or is it simply not possible but to have static information printed on the RTC reports?



  • marvinqvistmarvinqvist Member Posts: 53

    I solved the problem. :)
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    May be you can share the solution?
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    I've found all the code on the Pre/Post sections being ignored by the RTC, so on my reports I moved this code to the Dataitems, have you found any other way of solving it?
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