NAV 2009 registry key for localized version

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Hi all,
I tried installing NAV 2009 W1 on my machine. I checked the registry key after installation. The key created was -
'HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Microsoft Dynamics NAV/60/Role Tailored Client/W1 6.0"

I then un-installed this version and tried installing NAV 2009 NA-ENG version on my machine.
This time when I checked the registry key, it was same as that of W1 version.

I wonder why the key is not created as -
'HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Microsoft Dynamics NAV/60/Role Tailored Client/NA 6.0" ?

Is it the case that the registry key remains same for all country specific version we install?
So that only one localized version is available at a time for NAV 2009.
Is it the case that the registry key should be different for each country specific version?
So that multiple versions of NAV 2009 can be installed.

Please help resolve my confusion.

MCTS (MB7-841 : NAV 2009 C/SIDE Solution Development)


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