Visual studio with reporting services extremely slow

AlishaAlisha Member Posts: 217
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i've been using VS to modify some Navision reports for the Role Tailored client, but it seems to go slower and slower every day, any idea what can be the reason?

At the moment I'm working on a report that takes about 60 seconds to open the layout, and then working on it is painful, just editing a textbox or moving it takes several seconds...


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    kirtangorkirtangor Member Posts: 65
    Can you please tell us which version of VS are you using? VS2008, most probably. And what's the amount of RAM do you have on your machine?

    I am having 2 Gigs, and that too isn't enough, its sluggish, but not as slow as yours.

    EDIT: And while you are at it, also mention the report(s) which you are editing.

    EDIT2: NAV stores the reports temporarily somewhere in the "My Documents\Visual Studio xyzversion" folder, I guess. Try checking the disk space on that drive. Moreover, you can try deleting the temporary files from the %temp% folder. Or use CCleaner to do it for you.
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    AlishaAlisha Member Posts: 217
    Hi, thanks for replying. I have 4GB of RAM, so that shouldn't be a problem

    Visual studio is version 2008 Professional Edition, and I'm editing a report which is a copy of 10572 (it's for a customized invoice for a client).

    I've checked that folder and it's empty, and i have 20GB of free space on my hard drive..

    I'll try the ccleaner...
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