How do u remove something from a report????

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I'm trying to modify a standard report, and if i remove a textbox it does not compile because apparently the link to the layout on RS is not removed. Does anyone know how to remove textboxes or labels from reports??



  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,300
    What is on the section in the NAV report determines the dataset in the RDLC file. So by removing a control from a report, effecticely you are removing that from the dataset. If there's a control in the RDLC that wants to use that field, I would expect an error to occur. I'd look at the report layout in Visual Studio and make sure to clear all references from there as well.
  • andyRandyR Member Posts: 27
    Hi just use Tools->Delete Layout. So the Layout itself and all links to VS are removed. After this action you are able to modify the report like in 501.

    I hope this is the response to your question.

    Greetings Andy
  • AlishaAlisha Member Posts: 217
    Hi, I can't remove the layout, it's precisely the layout what I'm after.

    As many of you have probably found out, the automatic generated layouts are crap, they do not work at all. The only ones that do work are the ones that have been manually "fixed" in VS (like standard report 10572). That's why I was trying to use this report (and the existing layout) as a base to create a customized report for a customer...

    I will try to remove the references on VS before removing textboxes on the sections.

    Thanks to everyone.
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