How to move record in groping a report

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I am facing a problem in Navision Attain3.7. In "FA ledger Entry" table i added one more field of type Option, called "Other Charge Type". For example i purchase a Fixed Asset Computer and make entry of invoice amount to this table through Journal voucher.First time i leave blank this added filed "Other Charge Type" and after this i pass one more journal voucher for this same Fixed Asset no. for installation charge but this time i select field "Other Charge Type" with value "Installation Charges".
Now in table there are two record with same FA no having diff-diff amount in Amount feild, first row contain actual invoice amount and scecond row contain installation charges amount, identification of installation charge correspoding to same FA no is charge type field which is having code as intallation charge in sceond record.
Now i want a report which show me single line for this particular fixed Asset and Amount will be shown in two diffrent column one will show invoice amount for which option type field "Other Charge Type" is blank and in second column will show charge amount for which option type field "Other Charge Type" is with value"Installation Charges" .
To make this type of report what should i do??
Vishal Mathur
Software Consultant
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