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I am tracing through Role Center Navigation Pane entries (self-education) in CRONUS International. In the Navigation pane for Role Center "President - Small Business", Home button entries their is a set of List options with indented sub-options.

When I look at the actions in the Action Designer, I expect to see all the options displayed in the RTC, including the indented choices. But the action list for Page 9020 HomeItems does not include any of the indented menu options that I see in the RTC.

For example, I want to find the action item "Released Sales Quotes".
I have exported Page 9020 to text and searched it - not found. I have looked everywhere else I could think of without success. Obviously I don't know where I should be looking, so I'm asking if one of you very smart people can point me in the right place.

Thanks much!
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    Options from linked pages with types CardPart or ListPart also shown in Home area.
    This options have type Field and they are belong to CueGroup.

    For example:
    Page 9020 has Control1903268608 which has link to page 9073. Page 9073 (PageType = CardPart) has control "Released Sales Quotes" which belongs to group Sales.

    Dave Studebaker
    Author: Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    Is it really You?
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    Hi Andrey,

    Yes, it's really me :D - feeling dumb once again as I work to deconstruct the new system. A book on NAV 2009 in the process.

    Your response is very helpful and is at least 90% of the answer. But there appears to be more. I checked the list of "mystery" child entries in the Navigation Pane and seven of nine obviously come directly from the Cue Groups. But there are two entries in the Cue Groups that don't match the Navigation Pane child entries and, conversely, two of the child items that don't appear to be explained by what's in the Cue Groups.

    The as yet unexplained entries in the Navigation Pane are Balance, child of Customers, and Balance, child of Vendors. The two unused entries in the Cue Group are "Overdue Sales Invoices" under Receivables and "Purchase Invoices Due Today" under Payables. It's not as simple as different labels for the same things. The various pairs of entries provide different lists, no apparent matches.

    Another great insight would be welcome. [-o<

    Investigating your answer raised another question:
    - The "Cue Overdue Sales Invoices" isn't filtered on date and displays Invoices that are not past due. The "Cue Purchase Invoices Due Today" isn't filtered on date and displays Invoices that are not due. Does this mean I'm missing something or simply that the demo Role Center has a flaw? I can accept imperfect demo, but if it's a hole in my understanding, I'ld like to patch it.

    Best regards,
    Dave Studebaker
    Co-Founder Liberty Grove Software
    Author: Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV (V5.0), 2009, 2013
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    Hi Dave,

    I think system creates parent menu item when faces with action/element for the first time. When system gets action/element which linked with same object it creates indented menu item.

    For example:
    There are two actions in page 9020 which linked to the same object:
    <Action112> Customers
    <Action113> Balance
    They both has option RunObject = Page Customer List. So first action will be transform to Parent menu item and second to indented menu item.

    In page 9073 there is element <Customers - Blocked>, it has property DrillDownFormID=Customer Card. So system put it in the group of others elements which run the same page. Parent menu item has existed (Customers) already that's why system transforms element <Customer - Blocked> into indented menu item.

    But there is no parent menu item for page "Customer Ledger Entries" that's why system transforms element <Overdue Sales Invoices> (page 9073) into parent menu item.
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    Thank you both for the great information. I have followed the majority of this dialog up to the point of "locating" action/elements (<Action 112> Customer and <Action 113> Balance). I have looked at Page 9020 in the Object Designer using the Classic Client. ](*,)

    Can someone please clarify this for me?

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    Hi Hack,

    Actions can be linked to a page, or to a group that has a subtype of Group or CueGroup.
    If you want to see actions linked to the page you should:
    1. Open Object Designer
    2. Find the page and click Design button
    3. Put the pointer into the empty line (in the end) of Page Designer.
    4. Click View > Actions.

    For Role Center there are 4 action containers: Reports, HomeItems, ActivityButtons, and ActionItems.
    HomeItems and ActivityButtons used for creation menus in Navigation Pane.

    You can find (<Action 112> Customer and <Action 113> Balance in the HomeItems container.
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    HEy I have one question too.I have added a Group and it's sub-groups in the navigation pane in Classic.Transformed the menusuite for RTC
    Imported the new menusuite.

    Now, the group I added is showing in Departments MENU,Also, when I click on the sub group, the desired form (Page in RTC) is not opening, infact nothing is getting open.
    What might be the problem, any idea??
  • aliennavaliennav Member Posts: 449
    Attached is the screenshot.
    See the last item in the pane.
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