NAV 2009 - Record Link URL & Page ID

vshalvshal Member Posts: 11
edited 2009-05-20 in NAV Three Tier

I have 2 questions for the gurus :

1. I want o capture the Page ID from which a change was made, eg. in the Change Log we get the the Table No. / Field No. old value / new value etc.., is there a way to get the Page ID as well ?

2. When inserting a new record into the record link table, how to create a link in the URL fields eg. I am on a customer card and I send out a notification to another user using the notes feature. This is stored in the Record Link table along with a link in the URL1 field. When the user gets my notification he can navigate directly to that customer card from where the note originated.

Thanks in advance, if the question is not clear enough please let me know.

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