How to create a stylesheet for sending to Word

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In NAV2009 it is possible to send information to Word or Excel. This is done with stylesheets.
In NAV5.0 a new stylesheet is made with the stylesheettool.

- How can I create or change stylesheets in NAV2009?
- NAV2009 has standard stylesheets on the product-CD. Is it possible to change the xslt-file with a xml-editor and add a new field to show?
- The stylesheets must be managed separately for the classic client and RTC. When importing a standard stylesheet in the RLC it is not working properly.
F.e. CustomerLetterToWord.xslt os working fine in the classic client, but in the RTC only the company logo is shown and no fields from the customer card.

I hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance.
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