Consolidation Problem

harihari Member Posts: 13
Hi All,

After consolidating both the 'Project Code' and 'Department Code' not reflecting for a particular 'G/L account No.'. Last month it was working fine. No chages done in the related objects. Can any one please throw some light on this issue. This will be very helpful to run the management report.

Best Regards,


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    MuraliMurali Member Posts: 15
    There may me many reasons see if any of these works:

    There may not be any entries in that period
    See the COA G/L settings onceagain
    check the fiscal years of the companies
    check if you hv defined any eliminations
    run the test database and check
    check the dimension code setup also
    if u r exporting see if u r copying the dimensions also
    see if u r checking the copy date field

    try and try
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    harihari Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the informed reply Murali.

    Gone through all u mentioned. all seems perfect. We use the import database option instead of the file option for consolidating.

    What we have found is the dimensions(dep. & Proj.) are getting reflected in the company's g/l entry but not getting populated in the ledger entry dimension... This is puzzling.

    Problem seems to be when we post the jounal entries itself ...
    Or is there a way the prob. can creep in during consolidation....
    for eliminations we have a separate company..wouln't affect i guess..

    Still trying...
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    MuraliMurali Member Posts: 15
    Please check if u hv selected the dimensions in the copy dimensions in the export consolidation field
    check if u hv the same dimensions defined in both the companies
    best of luck
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