Unit Costs & Last Purchase Prices

bobwebb1967bobwebb1967 Member Posts: 5
Has anyone come across an issue whereby the unit costs for items are lower than the last purchase prices (we haven't had a big increase in the purchase prices so it's not just a moving average)?

Any direction would be appreciated.


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    kvbkvb Member Posts: 107
    Check the field "Costing Method" of your item.

    As a basic rule, the value in the Unit Cost field on the item card is based on the standard cost for items with costing method standard. For items with all other costing methods, it is based on the average cost.

    How the contents of the Costing Method field influence the unit cost calculation for purchases and sales is described in more detail in the Navision help. Just push F1 when field "Costing Method"(Pagename - Invoicing) is active.
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