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chrispaulchrispaul Member Posts: 174

I am facing a below described problem in sales Order posting in my Client DB; interestingly when i tried to check the scenario with the exact figures in Cronus it also throw an Error.

I am entering a Sales order with 6 Lines with “Type” , “Qty” and “Unit Price” as :-

Type Qty Unit Price Line Amt
1st Liine Item 175 25.04674 4,383.18 (Enter any Item)
2nd line G/L 1 50.00 50.00 (Enter any G/L account)
3rd Line G/L 1 22.85 22.85 (Enter any G/L account)
4th Line G/L 1 22.01 22.01 (Enter any G/L account)
5th Line G/L 1 175.33 175.33 (Enter any G/L account)
6th Line Item 189 23.19142 4,383.18 (Enter any Item)

NOTE:- Make Sure Line Discount % is 0 in all the lines

Now put “Prepayment %” as 100 in first 5 Lines and keep the last (6th) line as 0 in Prepayment % and Post the prepayment Invoice. You will notice that Prepayment Invoice is posted and status is now set to “pending Prepayment” . Now Reopen that order and put prepayment % as 100 in last line as well and post Prepayment Invoice once again (Must be successfully posted).

Once you are done with this try to put 20 in “Qty to Ship” field in 1st Line and Try to Post the Order (Press F11 followed by (Ship and Invoice ) selection). At this point system throws an error ("Prepmt. Line Amount must be more completely invoiced before you can invoice 20 in Sales Line Doc Type = Order , Document No = XXX , Line no. = YYYYY") and stops the posting.

When this same scenario is tested in Cronus it also come up with an Error (somewhat Similar but not the exact similar ) – ("Prepmt. Amt to deduct must be at least 500.93 in Sales line Document Type='Order',Document No = XXXX , Line No = YYYY").

NOTE: Please make sure you tries with exactly the same figures.

If anybody has an idea about it than please look into it as for me it seems to be a BUG in Navision.


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    chrispaulchrispaul Member Posts: 174
    Anything from anyone ?
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    MAJB1969MAJB1969 Member Posts: 44
    Check your allowed posting date setup in the G/L Setup and User Setup.
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    matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    Knowing nothing about prepayments, it sounds like you've posted a prepayment invoice, and are trying to ship items, even though you haven't been paid by the customer. Doing so defeats the whole purpose of a prepayment.

    So try posting a cash receipt journal and apply it to your prepayment invoice. Once that is closed out I'd imagine you can ship the items.

    Or did I miss something in your post?
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    chrispaulchrispaul Member Posts: 174
    Thx Matttrax 4 ur reply!

    I reported this matter to Microsoft and they confirmed that this is a bug in NAV 5.0 W1 version and they have sent it to their Sustained Engineering team in Denmark , so i am awaiting for their fix ..

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    BatmanBatman Member Posts: 12
    Has there been any word from Microsoft to say when this will be fixed?
    I have managed to re-create the error in Nav 2009, Sp1.

    Basically, enter a sales order for qty of 1,unit price of 96.86 and line discount of 25%. Post a prepayment invoice for the whole order. This produces an invoice for 72.64. Then try and ship/invoice the order. Get error msg to say the Amt Disc cannot be greater than 72.64 !!! What appear to be ahppening is that the posting toutine is recalculating the invoice value and round up to 72.65 ( 96.86 - 25% = 72.645, rounded up to 72.65)
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    katie_at_creativekatie_at_creative Member Posts: 42
    i also have this issue, any update from microsoft chrispaul?

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    BatmanBatman Member Posts: 12
    This looks like a bug in Nav 2009 SP1 and Microsoft have given us code to fix. We have installed on customer's site and all works fine. Suggest you log with Partner Source and they should give you the code to fix the problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
    I have this problema now in 2013 I can't belive it!!!!!!
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