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Please helpppp

I hope someone could help me, I'd been trying to un-assign users to menus, after a do that I compile the menusuite, I also restart the service.

The problem is that if the user un-assigned enters in taylor client when he goes to Department, he can see and use the un-assigned menu.

Does anyone has any idea of this problem. As reference if this user enters in classic the menu its not available as it should be on taylor



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    you're right, it's useless to assign menus to users (by the way, we should not talk about users in RTC, but roles).
    for this reason, it's a bit nonsense to assign single users when we have roles...don't know if i am clear.
    anyway, the only way to hide a department (e.g.: financial) is to delete it from the menusuite. Otherwise, you have to set permissions correctly. In a strong-related environment like NAV, if you hide a financial from the menu, you'll be able to get (for example) to the sales documents anyway: you can look up to g/l account from almost anywhere (posting setup for example) and from there you can jump to wherever.
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