Customer Balance vs. G/L account Balance

superbrugersuperbruger JyllandMember Posts: 41
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I have a difference between the balance at the Customer vs. G/L entries.

Does anyone have some report / idea how to find this difference.

I'm looking for some kind of reconciliation between Customer and G/L.


  • PolarPolar Rostov-on-Don, RussiaMember Posts: 32
    Hi, superbruger
    You mean it always happens to every customer, don't you?
    If it does then you shoud debug thoroughly and find mistake in C/AL or in setting. If it's only one case then someone inserted wrong information (you should find him and teach hardly :D ).

    Answer depends on question. :wink:
    keep it simple
  • superbrugersuperbruger JyllandMember Posts: 41
    No, its not in that direction, Polar.

    When I run a report, e.g. "Customer - Balance to Date" it sums up to a total, lets say 10.000.
    When I look in the G/L Trial Balance it shows 10.080.

    There is no direct posting on the G/L account.
  • PolarPolar Rostov-on-Don, RussiaMember Posts: 32
    May be Detail Trial Balance will help you to see from where figures appeared.
    Report ID 4 (at least in my localisation) :roll:
    keep it simple
  • superbrugersuperbruger JyllandMember Posts: 41
    Perhaps, but then I have to check everything manually.

    I need a report, which can tell me how much this custoner no. has "posted" on the G/L Receivables accont and compare it to the cust. ledger entry.

    It was a hope, that someone had an idea of how to find the link, specially about the currency adjustments made.
  • PolarPolar Rostov-on-Don, RussiaMember Posts: 32
    If I correctly understand you it isn't very difficult to make by yourself.
    GLE  record  G/L Entry 
    CustLE record Cust. Ledger Entry
    GLE.SETRANGE("G/L Account No.",AccountNo);
    //AcountNo - G/L Account you need 
         CustLE.SETRANGE("Document No.",GLE."Document No.");
         IF CustLE.COUNT = 0 THEN
             //print this document no. and what you need from GLE or CustLE
             // cicle you can make on CustLE also
             // and seek record in GLE
         Message('This document was not found %1',GLE."Document No.") 
      UNTIL GLE.NEXT = 0;

    Also you can make report instead of cicle in CU and print result there.
    keep it simple
  • superbrugersuperbruger JyllandMember Posts: 41
    Thank you for trying, but I dont think you understand my problem. :wink:

    Invoices / CreditMemos are easy to pinpoint to each customer.
    But when I have made Currency adjustment on currencies other than DKK, that is postet as one amount in the G/L but on many customers.

    That is one possible error-source, that I cant see to find a soloution to.
  • sokfsokf Member Posts: 3
    I am facing the same problem .. did you find any solution regarding this issue? ..

    Thanks in advance
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