create report using rdl and xsd of NAV

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Hi Friends,

As we know that when we display the layout of Navision report it opens into Visual studio with its .rdlc and .xsd file.

Now Is it possible to use these files in our website for viewing the same report using report viewer control of Visual studio.
Friends tell me whether this is possible or not.

And I think microsoft renders reports in RTC to display instead of making report server and all stuffs. So is it possible to render the report into our browser.

Waiting for your reply,



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    I have described how to get a RDLC report into the browser here:

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    Yes Sir,

    I am aware with this procedure. but I think using this procedure we can create new report. But I want to browse the same report in RTC as well as on the browser with dynamic data.

    Is there any way for that if yes then kindly provide me as fast as possible.

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    As fas a I know, it's not possible to do so.

    Microsoft is just using RDLC for the layout. Actually, this has nothing to do with reporting services ... the stuff that you require. There is only a definition of the layout, made in VS, used in a Client, that is filled with a dataset by NAV, and then uses that definition of the layout to show the report. This dataset isn't defined anywere (as some kind of query or whatever) ... which means that a browser-client can't "connect" to it. That dataset is built by the RTC... .

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    Dear Eric,

    Thank you for your response and spending for your valuable time to find this.

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