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Hi friends,
Currently I am working in Nav 4.0 & Nav 5.0. Now I want to start working in Navision 2009, but I am facing so many problems with Navision 2009:
1. What is role tailored Client?
2. How I create pages & other things in Navision 2009.
3. How I publish these items on net (role tailored Navision).

Please reply...... All replies will be appreciated.
Brijlesh Kumar Pandey


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    this is not a place for such a long should read what's new documentation and/or attend a course...
    i don't think that someone have time and willness to write a 10 pages post... :wink:
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    You could start here:

    Claus Lundstrøm | MVP | Senior Product Manager |
    I'm blogging here: and used to blog here:
    I'm also offering RDLC Report Training, ping me if you are interested. Thanks to the 700 NAV developers that have now already been at my training. You know you can always call if you have any RDLC report issues :-)
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    hi Claus,
    Thanks for reply, and I must got help from this link.
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