Dataport Generator v1.1

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Dataport Generator v1.1
Automatic dataport creation, specially useful for import/export of files with great number of fields. Generate a intermediate text file which has to be reimported in the Object designer. Added new function and new control.

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  • eromeineromein Member Posts: 589
    Pork as in pig meat or as in a gift to a party-fund?
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  • berniebernie Member Posts: 7
    I have imported the fob in a NF2.5 database. When I want to run form 50099 I get an error message that says that there are not enough Windows resources.
    Except Navision I closed all the other programs.
    Has anyone an idea?
  • Malcolm_ClarkeMalcolm_Clarke Member Posts: 6 there a user guide for this dataport generator? I am not a developer but need to know how to create dataports, and thought this tool to be for that. Could anyone tell me how to use this functionality, or where I can get some kind of user giude for it.
  • YUANYUAN Member Posts: 7
    Hi, i had imported your dataport generator and try to use EXPORT & IMPORT function. what the problem is:-

    1. i use to create 2 tables for EXPORT function
    - all data from 2 tables is export out into one text format file
    2. i use to create 2 tables for data IMPORT function
    - no data from 2 tables can be import??? #-o

    just wondering the import function is limited to 1 table only??? :-k
  • foronavisionforonavision Member Posts: 79
    I have the same problem that Bernie, an error mesage appears saying that there are not enough Windows resources.
    Do you have some solutions for this problem? Please, I need help.
  • RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    I noticed you are distributing 2 forms from "Export Table Data Pro", but you have removed the 2 label controls from the form I explicitely asked not to.

    Please read the documentation:
    // You are free to use, change and distribute these 2 forms as long as
    // you leave the credits here in documentation trigger and you don't
    // change/delete 2 label controls '®obi' in upper right corner of main form.
  • Denis_PetrovDenis_Petrov Member Posts: 107
    so is it working or not?
    if yes are there any special instructions on it?

    please let us know.
    Best regards,

    Denis Petrov.
  • FrodioFrodio Member Posts: 10
    Well.. i needed this badly and when i did not get up and running i imagined a lot of manually work.. ](*,)

    But then i exported the main form in a text file and changed the Bitmap=38 to another bitmap and then imported it. Now i at least can open it.. not tried it yet though. :roll:
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