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I have a problem with my mobile device, the mobile device can't be connected to my localhost, so it doesn't reach my services. I am a beginner in this technology yet, but I have mobile documentation and I downloaded the Microsoft VPC image.

I installed the LoopBack Adapter the following settings: (I disabled the other connections.)

I tested the following link/url: (on the localhost)
http://localhost:8080/documentservice/document.svc -> It works good. -> It works good.

I set up stagging database and replication. When I opened the Visual Studio and I ran the mobile emulator, I tried to reach my localhost, my services, but it didn't work.
The mobile device sayed that: "Cannot connect with current connection setting. To change your connection setting, tap Setting."
I saw a modem connection, vpn, proxy server and a lot of things there, but it is for me very unknown.
I intalled the Active Sync 4.5 on the localhost, but this application didn't see the mobile emulator, when I was running it. I read about device emulator manager, but I didn't find it on my pc. (I installed Windows Mobile 6 SDK.)

How do I have to set up a mobile device's connection?
If it is possible, I would like to get a very detailed description about this setting proccess.

Thanks in advance for your help in this.

Patrik Farkas


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    I could solve the problem. Device Manager: Visual Studio->Tools->Device Manager
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