Annoying Navigation Pane "Feature" in RTC

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Can someone tell me why this works the way it does? Or how to keep it from doing it in the "correct" way.

Say I have two items in the navigation pane in the RTC. One is called Purchase Orders, the other Purchase Orders - Received Not Invoiced. I understand that the second is a subset of the first, and so NAV tries to be logical and creates a tree like menu for these two items where you have to click and expand to show the Received Not Invoiced menu item. I just want them listed out like I have on my form (using the transformation tool).

The only way I know to get rid of it is to add a WHERE clause to fake it out. So then it doesn't think that the second is a subset of the first. Anyone else experienced this? I've attached an image.


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    If two listplaces uses the same page and one contains a filter and the other one doesn't - then yes, we see the first as a subset of the second, and that is by design.

    Later on we will add functionality for you to create a new filter for customers and save it from the UX - and that will fold in underneath Customer as well.

    I haven't heard other people complain about it - but your fake filter or a copy of the page would solve your problem.
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    It's a good idea for sure. But I do think it should be optional (ideally customizable by the user as well). The user shouldn't have to make an extra click to get to the information they need.

    It's very confusing. As a developer when I build a form and transform it to a page, I expect the output to look similar to what I built on the form. It seems as though separators and indented items (parent-child so to speak) are ignored. Are these covered in the 2009 Development training material? I haven't had a chance to read through them yet.
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    i was looking for something else and i found this...thank you, i finally understood how submenu is created...i gave up some time ago :mrgreen:
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