How to Setup Service Module

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Hi, what do i need to setup in the service module to get this desired functionallity...

When an Item gets sold to a customer, sometimes a Service Contract (OHC) should get invoiced to the Customer as well...
This Service contract will be a Contract for Maintenance of the bought item.

So it should be something like this:

1/1/2009: purchase of an Item with serialnumber xxxxx, location xxxx

Guarantee untill 31/12/2010, the already invoiced OHC will start at 1/1/2011: This means that there should be a maintenance between 1/1/2011 en 31/12/2012, planned by the technical staff.

On 31/12/2012 an invoice proposal should get generated. This way, the customer get's a change to continue the OHC again for another 2 years, cause of this new Service contrace a new maintenance should get planned between 1/1/2013 en 31/12/2014 by the technical staff

And so on….

Off course the customer could change the location of this item to another Office. So i should allways know where the Item is. Also when the item get's moved, The OHC should get invoiced to this new Location. So this will most likely be a customer of the customer who bought the item with us.

The duration of the Service contract is most of the times 2 years and starts at the Facturation Date of Item

Then afterwards, there should allways be a possibility to see all running Service Contracts, which maintenance are planned for these service contracts... and a list of Service contracts to renew. This would be a list of Service contracts which are in there final month before the end of the contract.

Now i already have set it up to generate a service item each time that ship an item... But how can i let the service contract get generated for this item?


  • tompynationtompynation Member Posts: 398
    Nobody who can tell me how the service contract should get generated automatically ?
  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    You're probably not getting response because:
    1. You're asking people on this forum to do your job for you
    2. You're not asking specific questions, rather, setup questions that normally requires billable training time

    If you're a partner, I recommend studying the service management manual (that can be downloaded from eLearning) and learn what it can and cannot do. This way, you can properly recommend setups and/or changes required

    If you're an end user, DON'T BE CHEAP! Get your solution partner to come in and set it up for you!

    Having said that, one of our customers has similar requirements as what you described. Standard NAV has scheduling maintenence billing based on contracts.

    One of the changes we had to make was to allow the changing of the Ship-to Code on the service item.
  • tompynationtompynation Member Posts: 398
    Allright, i've set up most things by reading the Service manual... Now i still got a question.

    According to the manual in Chapter 4:
    Service orders are the documents in the Microsoft
    ® Business Solutions–
    Navision® Service Management application area in which you enter information
    about service (repair and maintenance) on service items. Service orders are

    • When a customer requests a service.
    • Automatically by the program at the time intervals defined in service
    • When you convert a service quote to a service order. A service quote
    can be used as a preliminary draft for a service order.

    So they say that the Service Contract should get autogenerated by NAV according to the time intervals defined in service contracts... After this, nothing is mentioned anymore about creating the Service Contracts automatically

    Now, my service item gets nicely created, but there is no service contract created.

    Where are these time intervals? Where do you set them up? Do they mean the Time fields inside the Service Contract Template ?
  • moh_rizkimaulanamoh_rizkimaulana Member Posts: 3
    Hi Tompynation,

    You need to read carefully.
    Service orders are created:
    • Automatically by the program at the time intervals defined in service

    So, the document that will be created automatically is the "Service Order", not the "Service Contract".
    There is no standard function to create Renewal Service Contract in NAV or even in Business Central.

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