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Can't find this anywhere in properties or code. Using page 9060 (SO Processor Activities) as an example.

In the activities part there are action links like "New Sales Order" and "New Sales Quote". I can't seem to find these anywhere on the page itself or the source table. I can see them in the text file when I export the page, but no columns, properties, or code. :-k

Where is this ActionList property?
    { 1   ;1   ;Group     ;
                CaptionML=[ENU=For Release;
                           ESM=Para lanzamiento;
                           FRC=Pour lancement;
                           ENC=For Release];
                  { 3       ;0   ;Action    ;
                                  CaptionML=[ENU=New Sales Quote;
                                             ESM=Nueva cotizaci¢n venta;
                                             FRC=Nouveau devis de vente;
                                             ENC=New Sales Quote];
                                  RunObject=Page 41;
                                  RunFormMode=Create }
                  { 9       ;0   ;Action    ;
                                  CaptionML=[ENU=New Sales Order;
                                             ESM=Nuevo pedido venta;
                                             FRC=Nouveau bordereau de vente;
                                             ENC=New Sales Order];
                                  RunObject=Page 42;
                                  RunFormMode=Create }


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