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Patrik84Patrik84 Member Posts: 9
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Unfortunately I have a problem, I can not run the SSIS package successfully.
First I checked my company name in NAV. I think, it is CRONUS Rt.

After that I replaced CRONUS International Ltd_ with the correct company name, CRONUS Rt._ , in the Mobile Sales-NAV5SP1.dtsconfig (I tried with the „original” company name too.)

I set up the connection manager.
And I got the following error message:

I tried to rename the company name on the original company name, but It didn’t solve my problem.
And I saw the original company name in the message error...
What the mistake may be?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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    gedasgedas Member Posts: 87

    Try to open package using SQL management studio and execute it manually (by set db and company names manaully).
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    Patrik84Patrik84 Member Posts: 9

    Thank you for your pieces of advice! The mistake was a very simple "error", it was my fault. I changed the .config file (company name and language), but I didn't assign this config file in the .dtsx file, that is why the application used a default company name and language. But I am fighting with the collation now.
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    gedasgedas Member Posts: 87
    Oh yeee.

    Collations must be the same in all db: nav, staging, management, maybe master...
    Better to start from Latin everywhere and when everything will work, then change to required... Sometimes national characters doesn't work in SSIS and i still don't know why.
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