count number of a substring within a string

OliverTOliverT Member Posts: 37
is there any function to count the number of substrings within a string (something like "substr_count" in php) or do i have to write my own function for this?


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    afarrafarr Member Posts: 287
    I don't think there is a built-in function, but something like the following should work:

    StrTemp := Str;
    SubStrCount := 0;
    SubStrLen := STRLEN(SubStr);
    SubStrPos := STRPOS(StrTemp,SubStr);

    WHILE SubStrPos > 0 DO
    SubStrCount := SubStrCount + 1;
    StrTemp := DELSTR(StrTemp,SubStrPos,SubStrLen);
    SubStrPos := STRPOS(StrTemp, SubStr);
    Alastair Farrugia
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    OliverTOliverT Member Posts: 37
    yes, i already thought that i have to program it myself (the "how" is not the problem ;) ). i was just surprised that a functions for this doesn't exist.
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    OliverTOliverT Member Posts: 37
    here is the code for this function ;)

    Function "SubStrCount"

    String (Text, 250)
    Substring (Text, 250)

    Return Value
    Number (Integer)
    WHILE STRPOS(String,Substring) > 0 DO BEGIN
        Number := Number + 1;
        String := COPYSTR(String,STRPOS(String,SubString)+STRLEN(SubString));

    i hope you can need it 8)
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