Import objects from Nav 2009 to Nav 5

asemberengasembereng Member Posts: 220
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Hi, i have some objects i was working on on NAV2009 but our CTO change his mind on running NAV 2009 but NAV 5. Is there anyway that i can import these objects into NAV5?


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    ashbhardwajashbhardwaj Member Posts: 89
    Best thing is to compare the text file of the objects (use free compare IT! & there are many more).
    You have to take care of some new function like in report REQUESTPAGE
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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    You need to remove the RDLData section and the RequestPage section from the text file.
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    New2009UserNew2009User Member Posts: 6
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    Hi there,

    I am having a problem running or modifying a set of objects developed in 2009 on a 5.0 SP1 SQL DB. I exported the objects to a fob file and the imported ok to the 5.0 SP1 SQL DB, but I cannot modify them now.

    I created a text file for the full set of objects from 2009 DB and searched for RDLData sections or RequestData sections and found none in the text file.

    Is it possible to move objects from a 2009 DB to a 5.0 SP1 DB?? ](*,)

    Thanks in advance,

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    New2009UserNew2009User Member Posts: 6
    Sorry that should have read RequestPage sections I searched for also !! #-o
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    New2009UserNew2009User Member Posts: 6
    Remove Fieldgroups section from text file :mrgreen:
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