Configuring the two Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server services

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I have two databases (ex : DB1 & DB2) in my machine. When i open the RTC it gets connected to the default database DB1. In order to connect to the second database DB2 I have created the another service in my machine in the name of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Instance 2 . I want to know how to proceed further to connect to the second database DB2 with RTC connection.


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    1) You posted into wrong forum (you do not need to do anything with that now, moderators will move the post into right one)
    2) You need to configure second NST (NAV Service Tier) - and there are external tools for doing that (else you need to do it manually). See my blog, search the forum, I am sure that you will find them...
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    There is an applicable Help topic in the C/SIDE Reference Guide with the title "Walkthrough: Accessing Multiple Midrosoft Dynamics NAV Databases from a Single Microsoft Dynamics NAV server Computer" This Walkthrough takes you through the steps of setting up a second instance of the NAV Server and then using a single client to access two databases via two NAV Servers.

    There are a couple of errors/oversights in the Help file.
    1) It doesn't matter whether or not the client is on a separate computer.
    2) The steps referencing activating port sharing need to be done prior to Starting the new Service for a test.
    3) Whenever any Create or Delete change is made to the NAV Server setup, close and reopen the Services snap-in (this may not always be required, but it seems to help the system not get confused).
    4) When providing the database name in the Customsetting.config file for your second NAV Server, you may have to experiment to get the right string. Use the standard Customsetting.config setup information as a guide, comparing it to the name that you see in File | Database | Alter.

    Once all this is successful, the instructions in the "Testing the Second Service" section tell you how to connect to one service or the other. It works great!
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