NAV 2009 Role Tailored client configuration problem

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Hi All,

The issue is related to configure NAV Server and access Role Tailored client(NAV 2009).

I installed NAV 2009 demo version and it installed NAV 2009 Classic, NAV 2009 SQL Version and NAV 2009. I am successfully configured NAV 2009 Classic and NAV 2009 SQL. But I am not able to configure/open NAV 2009 ( Role Tailored ).

I setup the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server at Services. I provided my windows login credential and restart the service.

Now when I am trying to open NAV 2009 I am getting following error message (assume my user name is user1) -

"The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server cannot connect the Change Listener to SQL Server due to the following error: Cannot open database requested in login 'Demo Database NAV(6-0). Login fails.
Login failed for user 'uesr1'."

After that it is openning 'Sel.ect Server and Company Screen'.

Can you please help me with the solution or advice if I am missing any steps.

Thanks and Regards,


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    scrapy71scrapy71 Member Posts: 5
    Did you given the Server IP instead of the Server Name in the Service Configuration file, if so change to IP Address to the Machine Name.
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    arindamarindam Member Posts: 176
    I given machine name not IP address. Here is the sample of a part of CustomSetting.config file under client folder.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    The network protocol used to access the database.
    Valid options: Default, NamedPipes, Sockets
    <add key="NetType" value="Default"></add>
    Name of the database server to connect to.
    <add key="DatabaseServer" value="ARINDAM"></add>
    Name of the database to connect to.
    <add key="DatabaseName" value="Demo Database NAV (6-0)"></add>
    Name of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance to connect
    to (for client) or listen on (for server).
    <add key="ServerInstance" value="DynamicsNAV"></add>
    The listening TCP port for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.
    This is part of the server's URL.
    Valid range: 1-65535

    My machine name is "ARINDAM"

    Please advice
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    mihail_kolevmihail_kolev Member Posts: 379
    did you try to set the name of the server as 'localhost' :^o

    actualy take a look at this viewtopic.php?f=32&t=29840&start=15
    -Mihail- [MCTS]
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    MalhodyMalhody Member Posts: 14
    you added your windows login to the nav database and checked if you can login to NAv-DB with windows authentication?

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    arindamarindam Member Posts: 176
    I am using "Demo Database NAV (6-0)" database not the "NAV-DB".

    Can you please suggest if I need to use 'NAV-DB' database. I attached the SQL Database which comes with the NAV 2009 setup.

    Please advice.

    Thanks and Regards.
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    dmccraedmccrae Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 144
    I'll add my reply here, from the linked post quoted earlier. Hope it helps:


    Regarding the error with the Change Listener. Without getting into too much detail, this component of the NAV Server is responsible for change detection and updating the NAV Server state, with changes made from c/side within the Object Designer. This allows your object changes to be see immediately from the Role Tailored client.

    If you attach a database from the classic client Database Open window, the required steps will be performed for you, to ensure that it can run correctly. The installer also does this. However, if you attach a database with Management Studio, you need to ensure that the broker setting on the database is disabled by issuing ALTER DATABASE [dbName] SET DISABLE_BROKER. Then you do not need to add all the permissions that Rashed listed (GRANT CREATE PROCEDURE etc...) - these are needed if the broker setting is enabled (with SET ENABLE_BROKER), and therefore the SQL Query Notification system is to be used for the Change Listener in the NAV Server, which provides a more efficient change detection of objects in the NAV Server.

    The minimum requirement is that you need a NETWORK SERVICE* login on the server, mapped to a user in the database (you can create these in Management Studio only, you don't need a user in NAV) and this user can be public, to limit security (i.e. not dbo). You then need to grant SELECT permission to the [Object Tracking] table for this user, if it is not dbo.

    * Note: Out of the box, NETWORK SERVICE is used for the credentials of the NAV Server. If a domain account is used instead, then it is this account that needs to be present as a login and database user in SQL Server. If NAV Server and SQL Server are on different machines, then either a domain account must be used, or a machine-named network service account.
    Dean McCrae - Senior Software Developer, NAV Server & Tools

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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    arindamarindam Member Posts: 176
    The problem is solved.

    I modified CustomSettings.xml file which resides under Service folder. I modified SQL Server name and Web service name to this.

    Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate.
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