Copy a report in Object Designer

KurtKurt Member Posts: 17
Hi Everone,

I am a user of Navision 3.70.

Can I duplicate a report in Object Designer into another report?
If yes, how shall I do it"

In Report Object Designer, I want to copy report ID 10074 - "Sales Invoice" to a new report. Because I want to modify the new report and at same time keep the old report.

If possible, how shall I do it?



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    lakshmivallurulakshmivalluru Member Posts: 168
    Goto designer of the report and select file - save as give it a new ID and change the name.
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    your savable range is probably 50000 to 50099.

    rename 10074 to 50000 or whatever is the next available
    rename Sales Invoice to New Sales Invoice or whatever name you want.

    if you want to use the new one (50000) after you have made some adjustments. You can then go to Sales & Receivables Setup->Report Selections & Change your Sales Invoice to the new #
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    PaLPiTaTioNPaLPiTaTioN Member Posts: 55
    If you get errors you can also open the report (Edit), and then choose File, Save As. Enter a new No. and a new Name.
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